I was at the home this evening with Suneeta and Ronak – and we spent an hour chatting with Alberto, Alphonso and Huan – just general stuff. Must say – Suneeta & I admire the quality and professionalism of this team. Good people. Must be good and fortunate for you to have a team like that.

-Arun (September 2013)

My clients just purchased a San Francisco home extensively remodeled by Tracy Anthony.  This was a wonderful experience from start to finish. The whole team was very professional.  During the last few days while working on the punch list, I had the pleasure of working directly with Tracy. NOT a middlemen.  He was accommodating and responsive even to last minute requests.  As I was visiting the property daily, he was there making sure everything was done correctly with every subcontractor.  I was impressed with this level of detail, quality control and the pride he took in his project.

-Jane (August 2013)

That was quick! Thanks for everything – you guys have done a really great job!

-Miriam (June 2013)

It looks like we’re making progress. I’m impressed by Gustavo’s work, he knows his stuff as does Alphonso obviously!

-Jan (April 2013)

First night in my place last night and I love love love it!!!!!  Thank you!!!!  No issues which is amazing,  I don’t need you for anything yet which is amazing, and I am very stoked!  You all did fine work.

-Michelle (March 2013)

First let me say you guys have done an amazing job in very short time.  Tracy kept saying things would fly as soon as permits appeared and to be honest, I had to roll my eyes a bit because along this journey so many people have made me such a pessimist.  I clearly stand proven wrong, your team rocks.  S*&t is flying on walls, in the ground, wood is finished and electricity is ready to light up our life.   I can honestly say that I slept a full night last night for the first time in months. I plan to sleep well tonight as well.

-Patrick (October 2012)

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About Tracy

Over the last 28 years, Tracy Anthony (CSLB #714817) has successfully managed many projects in the residential home-building industry. He specializes in total- solution development, construction and rehabilitation of single and multi-family residential projects, and has been directly responsible for the construction of over 2,000 homes. His rehab and remodel experience includes 57 properties for McKinley Capital Partners over 16 months in Alameda, Contra Costa and Solano Counties with budgets ranging from $18,000 to $145,000.  Tracy has also been responsible for the development of a variety of products ranging from entry level production residences and custom homes to mid-rise condominiums. 

A graduate of UC Berkeley’s Architecture Program, Tracy employs his design background in every project, working closely with the client to maximize the quality and aesthetics of the final product. Tracy takes hands-on approach, from forward planning, including design and budgeting, through value engineering and construction. This combination of aesthetic sensibility and practicality ensure that your project will exceed expectations in both form and function.


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